Wednesday, 5 September 2007


The Norwegian mini-bulker AASHEIM is a frequent visitor to the River Clyde, spending most of her time carrying cargoes of aggregates from the massive Foster Yeoman quarry at Glen Sanda to Shieldhall Riverside Berth. The 4,112 gross ton ship was built in 2001 as MONTANA, under the Dutch flag, by Sudostroitelny Zavod Zalif, at Kerch in the Ukraine, although she was completed in Holland. In May 2005, she was sold by Rederei Montalex to Aasen Transport AS, Norway, and registered under the Norwegian International Register as AASHEIM. She is 107.1 metres long, and fitted with a 6 cylinder MaK engine producing 3,900 bhp. Her controllable pitch propeller drives this 5,800 tonne deadweight ship along at 13 knots. In this view, she is shown at Shieldhall as she nears completion of her discharge using her own JCB-style crane.