Monday, 17 September 2007


The latest joint naval exercise, Neptune Warrior 072, commenced today when the fleet that had assembled at Faslane over the past few days sailed from the Clyde. These posts show a selection of the vessels involved. Above is the Spanish frigate BLAS DE LEZO (F103), also previously seen on ClydeSights when she arrived here.

Sailing a little later was one of the United States contingent, a member of the large 'Oliver Hazard Perry' class of frigates. FFG 32 is JOHN L HALL, which entered service with the US Navy in 1982. Several ships of this type also serve with various other navies.

One of the US destroyers visiting Faslane was USS COLE (DDG 67) which is now back in commission following the terrorist attack on her a few years ago while she was alongside in Aden. Her story is told here. COLE is one of the 'Arleigh Burke' class of ships, and was initially commissioned in 1996.