Thursday, 20 September 2007

QE2 underway

Out in the channel, and with the tugs away, QE2 gets into her stride. SVITZER MALLAIG sends plumes of water into the air using her firefighting monitors as a salute to the regal visitor.

QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 threads her way carefully past Gourock as dozens of small boats escort her on her way.

As well as BALMORAL, CalMac's SATURN and Clyde Marine's fleet all offered special cruises to view QE2 as she sailed from Greenock.

Once clear of the Upper Firth QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 forged ahead into the night, later being noted passing out to sea at more than 26 knots, as she headed south to Liverpool, her next port of call.


Anonymous said...

Looks familiar for some reason!

john openshaw said...

Nice pictures !