Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Majestic Fleet

Based at Sandbank, the Majestic Line now operates two converted 85 ft fishing boats as luxury cruise boats during the summer months. Both vessel are originally from Ireland, and the first, originally named OCEAN GAIN but now renamed GLEN MASSAN (seen on the left), was purchased in 2004. Built at Baltimore in County Cork, she dates from 1975. Converted during the following winter while lying at the Holy Loch Marina, by early summer 2005, she was ready to enter service. Fully fitted out to carry up to 12 passengers in the utmost luxury, she cruises around the Clyde estuary on sailings of up to a week's duration. She was joined in May 2007 by a second vessel, built at Killybegs in 1976 as MARTHA DAVID, and which following a similar refurbishment, joined the fleet as GLEN TARSAN. She has been based during the past summer at Oban. The tongue-in-cheek name of the company, and the livery, was inspired by the Para Handy Tales by Neil Munro, in which the engineer of the VITAL SPARK fantasised about having joined a company called 'The Majestic Line', and which operated vessels with gold-painted funnels.


Anonymous said...

Always learn something new here !! Another nice set. jc

Digiscoper62 said...

Cracking photo, the background is fantastic.