Saturday, 13 October 2007

A Quiet Day

A very quiet day on the river today, with almost no movements other than two departures being noted. Sailing from the Holy Loch this afternoon was RED BARONESS with another cargo of timber for Londonderry, while in the middle of the night, the ship shown above, also sailed. MOKSHEIM is taking a load of scrap metal from the Clyde to Seville in Spain, and sailed from Glasgow late last night. MOKSHEIM, pictured leaving the Clyde on a previous occasion, is Norwegian owned and, until earlier this year, sailed under the Norwegian flag although she is now registered in Bridgetown, Barbados. Her hull was built at the Severenaya Shipbuilding Yard at St Petersburg in Russia, and although laid down in 1991, MOKSHEIM was not completed until 2000, following fitting out at the Naval Shipyard in Gydnia, Poland. She is operated by Continental Ship Management A/S, and has a deadweight tonnage of 6,847 tonnes. Her overall length is 109.57 metres, and her gross tonnage is 5,659 tons.


Anonymous said...

'Almost no movements'. What about the Diamond Jubilee Girl ? OK she didn't quite come down your way, as she went up Loch Long, hopefully you'll get her today and the Seavoyager. If her AIS label is to be believed, then she is only 2 months old.