Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Ramsey Steamship visitors

The Ramsey Steamship Company, based on the Isle of Man, currently has a fleet of three ships, two of which arrived together on the Clyde this afternoon. Leading the pair, which had sailed in company from the Mersey, was BEN ELLAN, built in 1981 at Wivenhoe by James Cook. Originally named RIVER TAMAR, she joined Ramsay Steamship in 1990, and is 824 tonnes deadweight. BEN ELLAN is 49.90 metres in length, and 498 gross tons.

Arriving a few minutes later was BEN MAYE, which joined the company in 1995, and was originally named PEROTO before becoming VENDOME in 1994. She was built at Bideford Shipyard in 1979, and is 873 tonnes deadweight. Her overall length is 48.73 metres, and her gross tonnage is 488. Both ships anchored off Greenock this evening, and are due to move to Coulport tomorrow morning. They are probably on charter to the MoD, having been engaged on such work in the past.


Anonymous said...

So that explains the two coasters which appeared to be anchored in the Loch opposite Blairmore. By the time I got home I'd forgotten to find out what they were.