Wednesday, 26 December 2007

JAEGER ARROW alongside

Although she has featured previously on ClydeSights, this view of JAEGER ARROW alongside Greenock Ocean Terminal may be of interest as it shows her in the process of discharging her cargo of woodpulp, the white plastic-wrapped pallets of which can be seen on the quayside. Note too the large open doors in her hull, through which the cargo is handled by her own gear.


Anonymous said...

Without being nit-picking, the plastic wrapped items on the quayside are packs of softwood lumber, discharged earlier from Star Hardanger. The Jaeger Arrow is discharging unitised/baled woodpulp from the East Coast of Canada, the port of Grande Anse on the St. Lawrence.

I like the site - different approach, and great photography.

The ClydeSighter . . . said...

Many thanks for the additional information correcting my (wrong!) presumption about the cargo on the quayside. I see that now, comparing the pictures of JAEGER ARROW and STAR HARDANGER (posted on 16 December) where the timber is visible too. Is leaving the wrapped softwood out in the open for so long a new way of seasoning it? ;o)

Thanks for the comment re-the site too, much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, I used to work for Gearbulk, Jaeger Arrow is a bit of a one off in the world as the only totally enclosed forestry and liquid pitch carrier. She has two Tsuji 36t telescopic type cranes running on longditudinal rails inside the hanger. There was an option for Gearbulk for two of these vessels but they turned the second down as the shipbuilder made a little error in judgement whereby the centre of gravity was 2m too high and 5m too far forward! So much so that 800t of permanent ballast had to be filled into one of the ballast tanks, making for 800t less cargo every voyage.
After sea trails the Chief Engineer was heard to say, 'the only good thing about that as the food'!!! Great site by the way, love to hear about, and see the ships using my home waters!