Thursday, 20 December 2007

River Clyde Closed

Following yesterday evening's tragic events, the River Clyde has remained closed to all commercial traffic today, and will remain closed until FLYING PHANTOM has been lifted cleared of the channel at Clydebank, where she appears from TV pictures to be lying on her side, barely visible at low water. Although rescue teams continued their search from early this morning until it turned dark again this evening, the bodies of three of her crew have yet to be found.

With the river being closed, shipping awaiting berths at Renfrew and Glasgow are having to anchor at the Tail o' the Bank for the time being. Waiting today was the German coaster NORDERAU, one of Erwin Strahlmann's ships, built in 2005 by Slovenske Lodenice A.S in Slovakia. This 3,712 tonnes deadweight coaster is 87.9 metres long, and is a sistership of RODAU, which visited the river in September.

A second coaster arriving at the anchorage today was ALSERBACH, a Dutch ship built in 1997 as CLAUDIA ISABELL. She is 87.88 metres long, and has a deadweight of 4,490 tonnes. A product of the Rybinsk Shipbuilding Plant on the River Volga, she is owned by Rederij K&T Holland.