Thursday, 3 January 2008


Newly completed in September last year, ARGOS was built for the German Wessels company by the Slovenska Lodenice shipyard at Komarno in Slovakia. Designated type 'Rhein-M' by her builders, she is the first ship of a twelve ship order and is 87.9 metres long, with a deadweight of 3,675 tonnes. One of her first voyages brought her to the Clyde last October (sadly, not captured by ClydeSights at the time!) and she returned last night, moving up the river to load scrap metal at the Lobnitz basin this evening. Somewhat unusually for a German-owned ship, she is registered at Monrovia in Liberia. Coasters such as these ones built on the Danube are generally taken downriver to Constanza on the Black Sea, from where they head west and out into the Mediterranean.