Saturday, 5 January 2008


Although this picture was taken a couple of days ago, it shows the Royal Fleet Auxiliary stores ship FORT AUSTIN alongside the MoD jetty at Glen Mallan on the east shore of Loch Long, a little to the north of Finnart, where she has been berthed since 7th December last year. This morning, in very different weather conditions, FORT AUSTIN left this berth and headed down the firth, passing FORT GEORGE as she did so as the latter headed up to Glen Mallan. FORT AUSTIN is the sister of FORT ROSALIE, and was also built on the Clyde by Scott Lithgow at Greenock. She was completed in 1979, the year after her sister. Both ships are driven by a Sulzer 8RND90 main engine, driving a single screw. They are 184 metres overall, and capable of operating Sea King helicopters. Unlike the newer 'Fort' class ships, the two Clyde-built ones only carry dry stores, such as food, spare parts, and ammunition. After spending the day steaming around the lower Firth of Clyde, FORT AUSTIN returned up firth and anchored at the Tail o' the Bank.


Anonymous said...

Good god you get about!!

I took shots of Daring from the exact spot when she berthed there during her sea trials.

MOD property keep out it said on the sign! ;)

Anonymous said...

Cracking photo, thanks.