Sunday, 27 January 2008


Another view of the Norwegian coastguard ship HARSTAD, this time showing her in King George V Dock, being fitted with the equipment to operate the NATO Submarine Rescue System. She sailed this afternoon from Glasgow to conduct trials with this, and is currently working off the east coast of Arran. A picture showing her with the same equipment mounted on her decks, but setting off on her previous set of trials, can be seen here. Although not visible in this picture, the crane GPS ATLAS, and tug RED DOLPHIN were berthed ahead of HARSTAD. Today both also sailed from Glasgow, and are now at Finnart on the Loch Long, where the crane is being used to underatke some repair work on one of the tanker jetties there.


Anonymous said...

John is that actually a small submarine on the barge?

If it is I seen it very early Saturday morning on the back of an HGV on the A82 near Balloch.

Anonymous said...

Ahh.....I need new specs. :P

From John's picture I can make it all out much clearer.

I'm positive I seen that wee sub then.....(although I was wearing the same glasses and it was dark)