Friday, 11 January 2008


After spending several days awaiting an improvement in weather conditions the tug RED DOLPHIN and her tow left Belfast last night, and arrived on the Clyde this morning. The floating 400-tonne crane GPS ATLAS will be used to raise the wreck of FLYING PHANTOM sometime in the next few days, although she may have to await the arrival of another support vessel. GPS ATLAS was built in1967 at Kiel in Germany as MAGNUS V for owners based at Hamburg. In 1971, she was sold to Smit Tak International of Holland and renamed TAKLIFT 3. Now operated by GPS Marine Contractors, she was given her current name in 2005. With dimensions of 46.86 metres by 20.00 metres, she has a gross tonnage of 904 tons.


Anonymous said...

Caught them at Greenock, powerful looking rig ! JohnC

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, they passed the tradgedy sight at Clydebank at 1415 and stood into the King George V Dock. Still there at Noon today, 12th Jan

Anonymous said...

They are starting the work on Monday morning, at the moment they are waiting for the "Grey Mammoth" (at least I think that's what it was called) multicat to arrive.