Sunday, 20 January 2008


The recently renamed SD-SALMOOR was seen passing down the Firth this morning as she made her way from the Great Harbour to Fairlie. Recently, the vessels belonging to the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service have, as previously noted, all been given the 'SD' prefix to their names. From April this year, they will not only be operated by Serco Denholm, but also be owned by them following a lengthy tendering process resulting in the award of a fifteen year contract to provide marine support services to the Royal Navy throughout the UK.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what her role is,as she seems to be anchored off the coast of Greenock all the time,doing what?


The ClydeSighter . . . said...

Gerry - she spends most of her time working on moorings although she is also capable of undertaking salvage work.

Anonymous said...

saw the emergnecy submarine from renfrew on the back of a wh malcolm lorry this morning heading for fairlie