Sunday, 27 January 2008


Attempting to brighten up an otherwise 'dreich' day, the Norwegian shuttle tanker TOVE KNUTSEN passes the Inverkip chimney this afternoon as she heads up the Firth towards Finnart, with a cargo of North Sea crude oil. Built in 1989 at Bilbao in Spain, TOVE KNUTSEN was originally a conventional tanker, but was converted in 1992 to become a shuttle tanker for work in the North Sea. In 1994, she underwent another conversion, when she was given a submerged loading system. Ten years later, she was again modified, this time to bring her into line with new regulations requiring all tankers to have double hulls; this conversion was done at the Remontowa Shipyard in Poland. Major changes were also made to her propulsion systems at that time. TOVE KNUTSEN now has a deadweight of 105,295 tonnes, while her overall length is now 245.61 metres. She is owned by Knutsen OAS Shipping.