Sunday, 10 February 2008

BIG GRACE outbound

The massive bulk of the woodchip carrier BIG GRACE is very apparent in this view, taken today as she headed down the Firth for Belfast, her next port of call. Although she is of a similar length to other bulk carriers which have visited Glasgow over the past few months at around 200 metres, at 32.2 metres she is almost 5 metres wider than most of them. Her depth - the actual depth of her hull from keel to main deck - is also much greater (22.65 metres as against 15-17 metres for the other ships), although her loaded draft is similar to the others, a little over 11 metres. These dimensions are reflected in the comparative tonnages, ships such as KYODO PROGRESS and OCEAN LIGHT being around 23-24,000 gross tons, whereas BIG GRACE is 39,199 gross tons.