Wednesday, 13 February 2008

EN AVANT 7 and Crane Barge DINA M

The Dutch crane barge DINA M arrived this morning under tow from Holland, with the small tug EN AVANT 7 in charge. Off Inverkip, they were met by Briggs Marine's tug FORTH DRUMMER, which had arrived a couple of days ago, and which assisted the 60 metre barge to berth in the Great Harbour. The crane barge, which has a maximum lift of 350 tonnes and is owned by Stemat Marine Services, is to be used in connection with construction work at Faslane for the new 'Astute' class submarines.

The tug which towed the crane from Rotterdam, EN AVANT 7, is owned by Rederij Muller Dordrect, and was built in 1981 by Damen for service in the United Arab Emirates. 22.15 metres long, she was acquired by Muller and given her current name. After leaving DINA M at Greenock, the tug sailed again this evening for Dordrect.