Tuesday, 12 February 2008


The misty silhouette of HMS IRON DUKE, taken today as she headed down the Clyde. This 'Duke' class Type 23 frigate was built by Yarrow Shipbuilders at Scotstoun, entering the Clyde for the first time in March 1991. These ships, whose primary role is anti-submarine warfare, have an impressive array of armaments, including Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles, Stingray Torpedoes, Sea Wolf Anti-Air Missiles and a single 4.5" Mk 8 gun mounted forward. She also carries a Mk 8 Lynx Helicopter. IRON DUKE is 133 metres long, and has a displacement of 4,900 tonnes. Propulsion comes from a combined gas turbine and diesel-electric system, giving a speed of 28 knots. Some ships of this class have already been sold overseas as part of defence budget cutbacks.


Anonymous said...

She has a really distinctive shape,looks great in silhouette.