Monday, 25 February 2008

Two Bros passing

Despite starting out reasonably pleasant, the weather deteriorated rapidly as the day progressed. By mid-afternoon a southerly swell had developed, sweeping right up the Firth. This image shows two of Brostrom's tankers as they passed each other just north of Cloch Point this afternoon, with BRO DELIVERER (on the left) heading to Belfast with a cargo of petroleum products on board. On the right is fleetmate BRO ANTON, whose sister BRO ATLAND was shown here in slightly better weather conditions. Like her, BRO ANTON, 16,376 tonnes deadweight , was built in 1999 by Factorias Vulcanos in Spain, and was previously named UNITED ANTON, changing names after the United Tankers fleet was taken over by Brostroms. She was heading this afternoon for Finnart to load a cargo of reformate which was piped through from Grangemouth and has been kept in storage at the Loch Long facility while part of the Ineos refinery (formerly BP) has been shut down for maintenance. What is perhaps a little surprising is the destination for this cargo - Grangemouth! There it will be further refined when the plant is reactivated and may even end up back at Finnart again as petroleum, diesel or aviation fuel.