Monday, 31 March 2008


Another large ship which was seen today as she too neared the end of her cargo discharge was the bulk carrier ANANGEL SAILOR, unloading coal at Hunterston. Operated by Anangel Maritime Services, a Greek company, most of this vessel's day-to-day operations are brokered by Agelef Shipping, based in London. ANANGEL SAILOR was built by Daewoo of Korea in 2006. She is 289 metres in length, and has a deadweight of 171,681 tonnes. Running the full length of the jetty are conveyor belts, which carry the coal from the unloaders to massive stockpiles (out of view to the left) to await onward transport either by rail, road, or by sea from the inner berth.


Anonymous said...

Nice vantage point :-)