Wednesday, 30 April 2008


An unusual sight this afternoon was one of Erwin Strahlmann's low air draught coasters sailing light from the Clyde, instead of loaded with a cargo of scrap metal. ROGER, built in 1984 on the River Elbe to a standard design by Hugo Peters Schiffswerf at their Weselsfleth yard, arrived yesterday with fabrications for the Type 45 destroyers under construction at Govan, and berthed in the former Fairfield basin. After completing her discharge, ROGER moved yesterday afternoon to King George V Dock, then sailed this afternoon for Felixstowe. She was originally named GUDRUN, then for a short time from March 1990 until February 1992 AROS ANGLIA, reverting to her original name briefly, before taking her current name the following autumn. She is 82.22 metres long, and has a deadweight of 2,183 tonnes.