Sunday, 13 April 2008

'Trafalgar' Class Submarine

One of the Royal Navy's seven-strong 'Trafalgar' Class submarines visited the Clyde briefly this morning, and conducted transfer operations at the entrance to Loch Long. These Fleet Submarines were all constructed at Barrow by Vickers, and have a submerged displacement of around 5,200 tonnes. They are 85 metres in length, and are powered by a single pressurised water cooled reactor, giving a speed of 32 knots when dived. Each has five torpedo tubes, and currently four of the class carry Tomahawk cruise missiles, although it is likely that all will be similarly fitted. Providing an escort for this submarine was the MoD Police Launch GIGHA.


Anonymous said...

an S class boat - not a T.

Anonymous said...

the boat is HMS Torbay, she has a small dome aft of the fin which house's a towed array winch