Saturday, 19 April 2008

US Visitors

Also visiting Faslane, and due to take part in Joint Warrior 081 over the next couple of weeks, are these three ships belonging to the US Navy. Alongside the jetty is the 'Ticonderoga' class guided missile cruiser ANZIO (CG 68), which entered naval service in 1992. Outboard of her, in the middle, lies USS DONALD COOK (DDG 75), one of the first batch (Flight 1) of 'Arleigh Burke' Class guided missile destroyers, which started her commissioned naval career in 1998. On the outside of the three is USS BARRY (DDG 52), which was the second ship of the 'Arleigh Burke' class. She was commissioned in 1992. The small barge lying alongside BARRY is a Serco-Denholm sullage lighter.