Sunday, 18 May 2008


Two tankers lying at anchor off the north end of the Cumbrae today. The smaller vessel is the bunker tanker AEGEAN PRINCESS, a ship which has an interesting past. Built in Holland in 1991, she was completed at ALHENA, but was renamed TALHENA almost immediately. When new, she was described as being able to carry 'general, container and oil cargoes', and appears to have two holds forward, which could also be used as cargo tanks, then a tank amidships, then another two hold/tanks. In 1996, she was renamed DALHENA, then in 2001 she was converted to full tanker status, at which point she was renamed NAUTILUS. In 2007, she was sold to become a bunker tanker, taking fuel oil out to larger ships when they were in port, as seen here. For this latest role, she was renamed AEGEAN PRINCESS.

The other ship is KRASLAVA, owned by the Latvian Shipping Co and delivered from her Korean builders in 2007. The 37,238 tonne deadweight tanker had been at anchor in Brodick Bay for several days, before moving to the north end of the Cumbrae during the night. She is 182.55 metres in length, and carrying a cargo of oil for Finnart from Skikda in Algeria, although she has spent a lot of time at anchor with it. She was previously lying for several days off Falmouth before arriving on the Clyde over a week ago.