Monday, 26 May 2008


Another tanker lying at anchor in Irvine Bay, and which has been there for a number of days, is the Liberian-flagged GENMAR HARRIET G, a 150,205 tonne deadweight ship built in 2006. She was constructed at the Universal Shipbuilding Corporation's yard at Tsu in Japan, one of four similar tankers. GENMAR HARRIET G, which has an overall length of 274.2 metres, is on a three-year time charter to Eiger Shipping SA, a subsidiary of Lukoil, the Russian oil company. She is operated by the Portuguese subsidiary of the General Maritime Corporation, and has a Russian master, with a mix of Portuguese, Romanian, Filipino, and Russian officers and crew.


Anonymous said...

Any idea why she has been anchored so long! Since May 19th, will be 2 weeks on Monday!

Unknown said...

She was unloading fuel above Faslane in Loch Long om Saturday 7th June 2008.