Sunday, 11 May 2008


Fresh from the Garvel repair yard at Greenock where she received her guarantee drydocking, PHAROS set sail this afternoon to resume duty for the Northern Lighthouse Board. Seen passing Cloch Lighthouse, she was heading for Lamlash Bay. The little tug TIOGA B is heading upriver in the background.


Anonymous said...

Nice one, missed that happening ;-(
Thanks for the comment !!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Living in a flat overlooking the James Watt Dock, we get to watch the ships come and go, and use your site to confirm where they are going to & coming from...Cheers.

FYI - We watched Pharos leave the Watt Dock following her spell in Garvel Dock, only to see it crash into the Dock wall and sustain a hefty dunt on the newly painted rear left side. A startled crew and a sheepish captain then took it out into the Clyde for some unplanned assessment !