Friday, 16 May 2008

SOSPAN-DAU at work

The dredger SOSPAN-DAU has commenced filling in the Kingston Basin at Port Glasgow, bringing spoil which has been dredged up at the mouth of the River Leven. As work progresses, it is highly likely that she will the last vessel of any size to enter the basin.

It is expected that SOSPAN-DAU will be on the Clyde dredging at the mouth of the Leven, the main channel at Greenock and around Ocean Terminal, and at Bowling Bend, for around eight weeks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that video John, it was really interesting.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, very interesting John, thanks for showing it.


Anonymous said...

Interesting video . Been watching the dredger working near Erskine then saw it in Kingston Basin . Never quessed it was dumping load in there .

Anonymous said...

She has an even more tedious job than Medway by the looks of things.

Cheers for the video John.

Anonymous said...

Well done John, there is a link to the video on


Anonymous said...

I am not against progress however will this area ever retain anything to do with it's historic Port Glasgow shipyards? Yet another historic shipping related loss to Inverclyde. The cost again is for commercial gain. How many more homes does this area need? There are so many lying empty or, up for rent. If you compare "The World" or "The Palm" in Dubai, there is rumour that these 'islands' are at so much risk of flooding / sinking, that I would steer clear of Kingston Basin. The video and fotos on Inverclyde Now have saved me the trip to Dubai to see the real thing. Long live history! Albert.

Faither said...

Great stuff well presented !!

Anonymous said...

Great wee video, jeo

Scottish Branch said...

Hi John,

It might be beneficial if they sent her over to Helensburgh to dredge in front of the pier as well!!

Excellent site.