Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Fife Regatta 2008

A selection of images from today's Fife Regatta Rothesay Race, which started from the Tail o' the Bank. The upper view shows ADIX, ALTAIR, the diminutive little OBLIO - a replica gaff cutter built in 2007, an (as yet!) unidentified yacht, PEGGY BAWN - one of the oldest vessels present dating from 1894, SONATA with her multi-coloured spinnaker - a sloop from 1950 with THE TRUANT - an 8-metre yacht from 1910 - behind her, the little AYRSHIRE LASS - newly restored and the oldest dating from 1887, and VIOLA - a century old gaff cutter - with SOLWAY MAID behind them (with the pinkish sail) - she dates from 1940.

The larger yachts included ALTAIR - a 130' schooner from 1931, MARIQUITA - a 19-metre gaff cutter from 1911, MARIETTE - a 124' gaff schooner from 1915, THE LADY ANNE - a 15-metre gaff cutter built in 1912, HALLOWEEN - a 79' Bermuda sloop from 1926, and MOONBEAM III - another gaff cutter of 105' and built in 1903.