Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Moving from her anchorage at Irvine to the coal berth at Hunterston, the bulk carrier IRON KNIGHT was seen making her way down the Largs Channel as INTREPID CLIPPER, another large coal ship, heads off towards Ailsa Craig and her next cargo. IRON KNIGHT was built in 2004 as BULK TWO by Tsuneishi in Japan, and in 2007 was renamed IRON KNIGHT. She is registered at Majuro in the Marshall Islands, and has a deadweight of 76,429 tonnes. Her Greek operators, Quintana Maritime Ltd, have secured a charter for her until late 2010, at a daily rate of US$22,400. Technical management is provided by Maryville Maritime Inc, a subsidiary of Excel Maritime Carriers.


Anonymous said...

Nice one! I wonder how this changeover ranks in terms of time from last ship out till next ship into the Hunterston berth? I should think it must be fairly near the minimum time and hard to beat. Added bonus is that it was coincidently actually captured here on Clydesights and probably by a few hundred other images taken from a big red ferry in Largs bay - not something that happens every day either! Thanks for a good night.

Anonymous said...

The minimum time from one vessel off the berth to the next one nearly alongside would be approx 1 hour - there has to be some time between the 2 tugs sailing the outbound vessel and being released to go and meet the inbound off the north end of the Cumbrae, so minimum 1 hour, more likely 1.5 hours to alongside - still good going for such large vessels!