Sunday, 1 June 2008

JUPITER in James Watt Dock

Refloated this morning, the CalMac ferry JUPITER moved from the Garvel Drydock this morning, and is now berthed ahead of the paddle steamer WAVERLEY, while she completes her annual overhaul. WAVERLEY, in the meantime, is awaiting the return of her port paddleshaft and wheel, which have been sent away for machining in England. Latest estimates for her return to service suggest that she will be ready during the last few days of June. At the far end of the dock are two of Clyde Marine Services' craft, ROVER and THE SECOND SNARK, the latter newly returned from her annual overhaul at Fairlie.


Anonymous said...

Nice picture, I see Jupiter has a new radar like her fleetmates have received this year.

When did the perspex windshield dissappear from her flying bridge?