Tuesday, 24 June 2008


The gaff schooner MARIETTE dates from 1915 and is not actually a Fife design. She was built in the USA for a Boston textile merchant, and has an overall length of 124 feet. She underwent a major restoration in Italy in 1995. The tiny yacht seen ahead of her is the 27 foot long replica gaff cutter OBLIO, and ahead of her is MARIQUITA. She is a 19-metre gaff cutter, possibly the last of her type still in existence. She was built at Fairlie in 1915, and was restored by Fairlie Restorations in 2004. Note how small the crew member sitting on the spreader halfway up her mast appears to be! On the left of the picture, with the pink, blue and white spinnaker, is ROSEMARY, a 38 foot 6 inch long Bermuda sloop built in 1925.