Monday, 30 June 2008


A new arrival this morning was the Dutch-owned and flagged ro-ro freighter TIMCA, one of a number of similar vessels operated by Transfennica, a subsidiary of the Spliethoff company. TIMCA was built in Poland by Szczecinska Nowa, and was completed in 2006. Her overall length is 205.0 metres, while her deadweight is 17,564 tonnes. TIMCA has been employed mainly on routes within the Baltic, although more recently she and some of her sisters have been taking cargoes of woodpulp to the east coast of the USA. She will be loading paper reels which, until recently, have usually gone to the USA aboard Spliethoff's own 'S' class freighters. As well as having a ro-ro capability, she can carry standard containers in the forward section of her hull.


Anonymous said...

Nicely caught! Have seen the owner's dvd of the cargo system, and they have ramps inside which connect the various decks, and the container guides on the after deck can be moved/closed up to suit space requirements for other/ro-ro cargoes. Quite versatile vessels - hope to see more of them on the Clyde, they are certainly brighter that Spliethoff's usual callers!