Friday, 25 July 2008


The first ship to arrive at Hunterston with a cargo of coal since the recent shutdown for repairs to the unloaders, was seen this afternoon as she rounded the north end of Great Cumbrae and made her way at a sedate pace toward the deepwater terminal. DONG-A HERMES, which now flies the South Korean flag, was built in 1992 in Italy, being completed as MARIA REBECCA. In 1996, she was renamed BULKTIRRENO, and in 2003 became CAPTAIN VANGELIS L. She took her present name earlier this year when she was acquired by her current owners. DONG-A HERMES is 278.2 metres long, and has a deadweight of 146,115 tonnes. She is seen with the CalMac ferry LOCH SHIRA passing en route to Largs, and the tugs AYTON CROSS and SVITZER MALLAIG in attendance. WARRIOR III also gave a hand berthing the ship - she was waiting a little further down the Hunterston Channel.


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