Tuesday, 1 July 2008


The tug RED DOLPHIN arrived back on the Clyde today, and spent much of it actually steaming southwards off the east coast of Arran. Later this afternoon she resumed her journey northward, and arrived off Dunoon this evening.

The barge, VT WOOLSTON, was again shipping modules for the Type 45 destroyer programme, and this consignment included the bow and mast for the fifth member of the class to be built at Govan. She is due to be named DEFENDER and will be followed by just one more ship, DUNCAN, the orders for the seventh and eighth ships having recently been cancelled. The bow section for these ships weighs around 1,000 tonnes, and like the radar mast is largely complete. VT WOOLSTON was purpose-built for moving the modules from Portsmouth to the Clyde, having been built by Vosper themselves.