Sunday, 17 August 2008

GLEN inbound

Yet another red-hulled tanker heads up the Clyde to load at Finnart. After lying off Irvine for four days, where she anchored after arriving from Coryton on the Thames, GLEN moved upfirth late this afternoon to take her place on the berth at Finnart's No 2 Jetty once AGDASH (which had lain at anchor off Greenock after completing her discharge at Ckydebank) had sailed. GLEN was built by Samho Shipbuilding in South Korea in 2005, and when new was named SONGA PEARL. Shortly after she was launched, she was renamed BRĂ˜VIG FJORD, and again LIQUID BEAUTY in June 2007. Three months later she took her present name. Like her sister BEN, which was seen on the Clyde last November, GLEN is a 12,956 tonne deadweight ship with an overall length of 127.2 metres. Her management and commercial operation are the same as BEN's, while her manning consists of a variety of East European and Filipino officers, with Filipino ratings.


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say I've been enjoying the "Clydesights" blog immensely - good pics with nice concise informative commentary.

Keep up the good work.

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Neil King

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Nice to see you still checking in Neil