Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Tarbert Pier - the end?

What may turn out to be the last call by a Clyde steamer at the 139-year old pier at Tarbert, on Loch Fyne, took place today. Over the past few years, Tarbert pier has deteriorated to such an extent that unless major repairs, estimated to cost around £750,000, are carried out in the immediate future, then it will be forced to close to vessels larger than small fishing boats. This summer WAVERLEY, which usually calls there on a weekly basis, has been forced by the pier's owners to omit these calls unless the tide has been high. In addition, all berthings have had to be made using the assistance of two small boats, which are also used to move the paddler clear of the pier when departing. Until 1969, Tarbert was served with a daily call by the MacBrayne mail steamer from Gourock, which gave an onward connection to Islay and other islands on the west coast.


Anonymous said...

Another SHAMBLES which will see the Waverley leave the Clyde.