Monday, 1 September 2008

Hunterston Jetty

Two ships lay at Hunterston on Monday, both with cargoes of coal. On the outside berth, the Filipino-flagged bulk carrier CONSTANTINOUPOLIS was discharging a cargo of coal. On charter to Clydeport, and loading coal at the inner berth for shipment to Manisty on the Mersey, was AASHEIM, previously a regular caller further upriver with cargoes of stone. CONSTANTINOUPOLIS was built in 1981 as HYUNDAI PACIFIC, at the Ulsan shipyard of Hyundai Heavy Industries. With a deadweight of 128,150 tonnes, the 264.6 metre long ship changed names in 2001. She is now managed by Dalex Shipping of Greece.


Anonymous said...

Now that is a great picture.

Plenty of parallels and well framed.

Have a gold star Mr N.

Anonymous said...

Seconded...not a view we see very often, was that taken from the Dalry Moor Road? That's a good spot.

The ClydeSighter . . . said...

Thanks, guys! The shot was taken, as Tony thought correctly, from the Fairlie (Dalry) Moor Road, just along the farm road which leads north about half a mile up the hill.