Wednesday, 24 September 2008


An occasional visitor to Glasgow, where she picks up stores, is the National Environmental Research Council's Research Ship DISCOVERY. Built at Aberdeen in 1962 at the long-closed Hall, Russell shipyard, DISCOVERY originally presented a completely different profile, as can be seen here. In 1991 she was given a major refit, which included lengthening to give her an overall length of 90.25 metres, and a corresponding gross tonnage of 3,008 tons. DISCOVERY operates worldwide, acting as a trials platform while undertaking marine biology and oceanographic research projects. Propulsion comes from a single screw driven by a diesel electric installation, and she can carry up to 28 scientists. She is due to be replaced by a new ship in 2011.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Just a wee bit of info, the Discovery is actually only single screw with an azimuth bow thruster, and also her replacement has been delayed until 2014 now. Keep up the great work, we love the pictures and info! Thanks.

Crazyhorse said...

I only discovered this site a couple of days ago and am absolutely enthralled - I love watching the shipping on the Clyde and your site answers SO Many questions - great information and great photography - I hope to 'bump into you' one day