Monday, 6 October 2008

Departing Naval Fleet

One of the earlier departures from Faslane was the US warship HAWES (FFG53), a sistership of DOYLE. Like her, HAWES was built by Bath Iron Works, launched in February 1984 and becoming an active member of the United States Navy one year later. Her homeport in Norfolk, Virginia.

First of the major British vessels to sail was ARK ROYAL, which had embarked a number of Seaking helicopters prior to her departure.

Leading some of the amphibious assault ships to sea was GLOUCESTER (D96), one of the two Type 42 destroyers taking part in Joint Warrior 082.

MOUNTS BAY followed the Type 42, and had to make an alteration of course to allow two large merchant ships to pass. She is seen here as she moved to the west side of the main channel, towards Dunoon.

BULWARK sailed quite some time after the main contingent of ships had left, and was seen as the MoD pilot cutter SD-MONEYPENNY was alongside to take her pilot off.

Last to leave on Monday was the Royal Fleet Auxiliary's FORT AUSTIN, which had been berthed at Glen mallan for several days prior to the start of the exercise.


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