Saturday, 18 October 2008


Three of the Dutch participants in Exercise Joint Warrior 082 are berthed in King George V Dock. The amphibious transport ship ROTTERDAM (L800) was built by the Royal Schelde shipyard at Vlissingen, and completed in 1998. She is 162.2 metres long, with a displacement of 12,750 tonnes, and is fitted with a diesel electric powerplant for propulsion. ROTTERDAM is capable of operating landing craft from her floodable stern dock, as well as working with helicopters from her large flight deck. Since being commissioned into the Royal Netherlands Navy, she has been joined by a similar but slightly larger ship, JOHAN DE WITT, which also took part in the exercise. Astern of ROTTERDAM are berthed two of the 'Tripartite' class minesweepers, MAKKUM and MAASLUIS. The bow of the coaster APOLLO FALCON can also be seen behind one of the wind turbines delivered by DEO VOLENTE on her most recent visit this week.