Saturday, 4 October 2008


A busy scene this afternoon as the bulk carrier NENA M headed up the river after delays due to weather. Accompanying her were three tugs, AYTON CROSS made fast aft, WARRIOR II ahead of her and out of shot, and BRUISER, standing in while SVITZER MALLAIG was at Belfast. At Customhouse Quay, BALMORAL lies alongside, having remained on the Clyde since her September weekend sailings as weather forecasts dictated it unwise to proceed to Cork, the Mersey or Belfast to undertake sailings to mark the visits of QE2 to those areas. Also at Customhouse Quay is the sail training ship STAVROS NIARCHOS, which arrived this afternoon. In the foreground, some other members of Clyde Marine's fleet lie at their berths in the Victoria Harbour.


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