Sunday, 5 October 2008

QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 - Home for the Last Time

Making a Farewell Cruise around the British Isles, the flagship of the Cunard fleet returned to the river of her birth to a huge welcome today. She was greeted down firth by a flotilla of small craft, BALMORAL, CalMac's ferry SATURN, Western Ferries' SOUND OF SCALPAY and other local operators' vessels. As a special welcome, the Royal Navy Type 42 destroyer MANCHESTER accompanied the liner as she made her stately way towards Greenock.

An exclusion zone was enforced off Greenock Ocean Terminal while the liner canted, two of Svitzer's tugs beings used for the turn, SVITZER MALLAIG being made fast aft with AYTON CROSS on QUEEN ELIZABETH 2's bow. WARRIOR III and BRUISER provided a little gentle pushing to bring the liner alongside.

After her morning cruise to greet QUEEN ELIZABETH 2, BALMORAL landed her passengers at Greenock before heading upriver to Glasgow to pick up another full complement for a special sailing to view the liner as she lay at Ocean Terminal.


Unknown said...

can just about see my head on top of the campervan in the 3rd pic! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent images, cheers