Friday, 3 October 2008


At anchor at the Tail o' the Bank, the Clydebuilt Landing Ship Dock (Auxiliary) MOUNTS BAY moved on Friday into the Gareloch, joining some of the other naval ships at Faslane in preparation for the forthcoming Joint Warrior 082 exercise. MOUNTS BAY , built by BAE Systems, was the first of the class of four ships to enter service, although she was second to be launched when she slid down the ways at Govan in April 2004. One of her sisters, LARGS BAY, visited the Clyde last month. On the starboard side of MOUNTS BAY, an Army 'Mexeflote' raft can be seen clearly. These rafts are manned by 17 Port and Maritime Royal Logistics Corps, and are effectively large powered pontoons used to offload ships at anchor and take equipment ashore.