Sunday, 5 October 2008

Tail o' the Bank Naval Anchorage

During QE2's visit to Greenock, the anchorage at the Tail o' the Bank was busy with several naval vessels all waiting to take part in Joint Warrior 082. The Royal Navy's Flagship ARK ROYAL had arrived on Saturday evening, her second visit to the Clyde this year, having been here in March for a few days. 

Also present was BULWARK, also a previous visitor to the Clyde when she took part in Joint Warrior 081 earlier this year. Like the other amphibious ships present, her dock was flooded and she was operating her landing craft to and from the other ships.

MOUNTS BAY was noted with several landing craft in attendance, including some of the French ones from TONNERRE. 

The destroyer MANCHESTER was at anchor, having escorted QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 up the Firth and providing an exhillarating display for the liner's 1690 passengers as she made her way to Greenock.

Finally, another view of TONNERRE as she lay to the east of the other ships. During her stay at the Tail o' the Bank, her landing craft had been used to provide shore leave for some of her crew and landed them in the East India Harbour at Greenock.


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