Friday, 21 November 2008


Seen passing Wemyss Bay today, the coaster EILSUM, owned by Erwin Strahlmann, was heading upriver to Glasgow to the BVT shipyard at Govan, presumably delivering a consignment for the Type 45 build programme. EILSUM was built at the Rosslauer Shipyard in Germany in 1991, and was completed as SAAR ROTTERDAM, trading under the her allocated Bockstiegel name although she had just been bought over by Strahlmann. She was later renamed SAAR LISBOA before reverting to the name that she was launched under, EILSUM, in 1998. She is 1,950 tonnes deadweight, and has an overall length of 81.76 metres.


Douglas Clark said...

I passed her tonight heading into the city but her doors were still shut.