Wednesday, 3 December 2008


While WILLOWGARTH was running up and down the Firth, local tugs AYTON CROSS and SVITZER MALLAIG were busy at Fairlie berthing the dumb barge AMT DISCOVERER, seen in this view sent by a friend. The barge had arrived earlier this morning, under tow by the tug EIDE TRAVELLER, which handed over her charge to the local tugs at Cumbrae Heads before heading off herself. This barge is owned by Anchor Marine Transportation Ltd, and is 91.86 metres in length, with a beam of 30.48 metres. It can carry a maximum cargo deadweight of 13,935 tonnes, and is believed to be due to move upriver to Ferguson Shipbuilders shortly.


Faither said...

Nice shot Brian !!

Harlux said...

Was the "friend" up Portencross Pier by any chance?


Anonymous said...

No, friend only at Hunterston & Fairlie Pier