Monday, 8 December 2008

STEERSMAN outbound

Seen passing Cloch Lighthouse, the Fishers tanker STEERSMAN had been at Rothesay Dock discharging a cargo of fuel from Amsterdam, and was making her way downfirth on passage to Pembroke to load another cargo. She was built in Malaysia in 1994, one of a class of four ships, and was named in the tradition of the Rowbotham fleet by whom she had been ordered. Although delivered to P&O Tankships, which had taken over Rowbothams in 1993, she was transferred to the Fishers fleet when the Barrow-based company bought over the Rowbotham/P&O Tankships fleet at the end of 1996. STEERSMAN is 101.6 metres overall, and has a deadweight of 6,403 tonnes. She flies the Liberian flag, and has a British master, with a mix of British and Polish officers, and a Filipino crew.