Friday, 30 January 2009


Passing Cloch Point outbound for sea, ILLUSTRIOUS - sistership of ARK ROYAL - had been paying a visit to Glen Mallan, where it is believed she collected equipment landed by her younger sister last week. Like ARK ROYAL, ILLUSTRIOUS was built by Swan Hunter on the Tyne, and was launched in 1978. She joined the Royal Navy four years later, having been rushed into service due to the conflict in the Falkland Islands. Nowadays, the carriers deploy a Tactical Air Group for operations; today no aircraft were apparent as she sailed. ILLUSTRIOUS differs from her younger sibling in certain respects, one noticeable feature being the fitting of the Goalkeeper CIWS instead of the Phalanx system aboard ARK ROYAL. These weapons can be seen mounted at either end of the flight deck. 


Anonymous said...

Nice picture where was it taken from?

The ClydeSighter . . . said...

Taken from SOUND OF SCARBA halfway between Hunter's Quay (Dunoon) and McInroy's Point (Gourock).