Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Today saw another visit from the Swedish tanker BRO DEVELOPER, making one of her routine calls at Finnart to load a cargo from Grangemouth. An interesting 3D animation of the ship, together with an interview with her master, can be seen on her owners' website. Since 19 January 2009, Brostrom Tankers has been owned by the Maersk Group, although it seems that there will be no change to this ship's operation, at least for the time-being.


Anonymous said...

I collected the Master featured, Johannes Lindstrom, from Glasgow Airport on his way to join one of Brostroms "T" class vessels at Finnart on his first appointment as Chief Officer several years ago. It is nice to see these young guys coming along and getting promotion in due time - I think Johannes had the job of taking Bro Designer from the builder's yard in China upon her completion, and only shortly after he became a Master. I guess if must be a good commendation and compliment to give a brand new Master a brand new vessel!

In one of the other still photos, the female in the foreground is named Malin (I forget her surname) a very apt name for a seafarer, and who is also a Chief Officer on the "D" class vessels. The guy behind her is Ulf Westin, again one of the youngters who I work with and who came through the ranks and who is now Master on the "D" class vessels.

Another person featured is Leif Carlsson who is one of the Senior Masters - he does stints in the office but likes to get back to sea from time to time and often covers for relief Master - a very personable character, as they all are once you get to know them (Swedes can be a bit "deep" at first)