Monday, 2 February 2009


Passing the Garvel Drydock this afternoon in between snow showers, the tanker MARIDA MIMOSA, like her sister MARIDA MAGNOLIA began her life at the Jinse Shipbuilding Co in Korea as part of an order for the Eitzen Chemical company, and was destined to join their fleet as SICHEM ROTTERDAM. Before she was completed, she was sold to Marida Tankers in a four-ship deal reported to be worth US$112 million enbloc, and was completed at the end of September 2008 as MARIDA MIMOSA. She has a deadweight of 13,174 tonnes, and an overall length of 127.9 metres. Her cargo of fuel was loaded at Rotterdam, and her passage upriver to Clydebank was accompanied by Clyde Marine's BATTLER and BRUISER. Technical management for the ship is carried out by a German subsidiary of the W-O Shipping Group.


Unknown said...

love the colours great light.
Interesting background Info