Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Another large bulk carrier, this time a more conventional Panamax sized ship, arrived at Shieldhall on Tuesday afternoon, after having lain overnight at the 'Alpha' anchorage off Greenock. SPIRIT OF BRAZIL was carrying animal feed from the country that she is named after, and had part-discharged her cargo at Belfast before heading here. Built in Japan in 1986 as RAIJIN MARU, she has since borne the names IRRAWADDY, ALEXANDRAKI, and perhaps appropriately since this view shows her passing the shipyard formerly named Yarrows, YARROW, before taking her present name in February 2008. She is 225 metres long, and has a deadweight of 70,653 tonnes. SPIRIT OF BRAZIL is registered at Majuro in the Marshall Islands, and is managed by Kristen Marine in Athens.